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Print in Classifieds

Resources for Classifieds submission in Print and online Media (newspapers)

The following links are provided to help you to submit your print classifieds in the appropriate country. We recommend you to select Personals category to submit your information to find - friends, dating partner (or) for Marriage partner (bride and bridegroom).

Classifieds in India
You can publish your classifieds to all publications - National (or) regional publications in India. In India classifieds is a popular medium for advertisement for Matrimonial where those looking for Brides and those looking for Bride grooms submit their short profile.

Personals Classifieds in USA (Ohio)
To place your classified ad in any combination of the 25 Sun Newspapers and on, fill in the form given on the link page.

Classifieds in Canada
Currently this site represents 13 newspapers across Canada. To search or browse the classifieds, please select from one of the newspaper partners links found on that page.

Classifieds in Malaysia
To submit classifieds under Personals and Friends and reach millions at Malaysia use this link. It is simply the best way to reach a widespread audience if you want to utilise the far-reaching sweep of the Internet in tandem with The Star's million-plus readers daily to advertise your wares/services.

Note : We strongly recommend you to take the advice and read the terms and conditions given by the respective sites, we are just referrers to this site and in no way associated with them or their service. If you have any clarification regarding their service, you need to check with them.