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isabel  My Zodiac Sign      : Aquarius
  My Destiny Number:1
 Aquarius Horoscope

Female, 35 years
Recent Visit : 11/26/2014
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ian walker  My Zodiac Sign      : Leo
  My Destiny Number:8
 Leo Horoscope

Male, 72 years
Recent Visit : 02/26/2012
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rohitnanduri  My Zodiac Sign      : Taurus
  My Destiny Number:1
 Taurus Horoscope

Male, 47 years
Recent Visit : 08/02/2010
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Mittul R Bhatt  My Zodiac Sign      : Aries
  My Destiny Number:9
 Aries Horoscope

I like simplicity, honesty and easy living life. I think high and do so.
Male, 41 years
Recent Visit : 07/10/2010
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harsh  My Zodiac Sign      : Libra
  My Destiny Number:2
 Libra Horoscope

Male, 42 years
Recent Visit : 08/25/2007
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Pankaj  My Zodiac Sign      : Scorpio
  My Destiny Number:5
 Scorpio Horoscope

What can, I say more about me. I am very straight forward & down to earth. Please contact me or have a chat with me then you know more about me.
Male, 54 years
Recent Visit : 12/09/2006
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