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Matrimonial Articles - Marriage Tips
The need for marriage

sharing your life with someone else.
sharing love and intimacy.
finding support in your partnership.
having a good sexual relationship
sharing parenthood Successful Marriages
Avoid marriage due to the following reasons:
premarital pregnancy.
rebellion against parents
seeking independence
rebounding from another relationship
family or social pressure
economic security
Research suggests that successful marriages have the following six components:
appreciation and affection,
positive communication,
time together
spiritual well-being, and
the ability to cope with stress and crisis
Tips For The Bride
Don't keep telling your partner about all the other men you could have married.
Don't start a conversation with him while he's reading or watching TV.
Don't correct him in front of other people.
Don't try to make him jealous.
Don't talk ill of his relatives.
Don't call him at work unless it's absolutely necessary.
Don't threaten to leave him unless you have a better place to go.
Tips For The Groom
Never forget her birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day. A kiss, a card or a single rose could do better.
Don't keep talking about beautiful girls in your office.
Don't turn on the TV or pick up something to read, when she's trying to talk to you.
Don't bring a friend home to dinner without advance notice.
If you know you're going to be late getting home, call and tell her.
When you know you're wrong, admit it.
Never criticize her in the presence of others.
Tips for both
Be best friends. You must have shared goals and dreams.
Have high standard of thinking about each other.
Learn to exit an argument at the earliest. Do not try to win but to enter a compromise.
Focus on the brighter side of life.
Conflict is inevitable in a relationship.If conflict is used creatively, it can be a catalyst for marriage.
Never take your relationship for granted.
Learn to agree to disagree.
Personal attacks or criticism of character are daggers to a marriage.
Never go to bed mad at each other. Never argue or fight in the bedroom.
Try to find something positive about your spouse, instead of harping on bad traits.
Give each other space to each do your own thing.
Don't Nag! Nobody likes a nag.
Keep relationship problems private, the world does not need to know.
Remember to always praise and give thanks to your spouse for even the small things they do.
For everything that annoys you about your spouse, you have something that annoys him/her.
Anticipate your spouse's needs.
Transperancy in marriage is good, but Ignorance can be bliss sometimes.
Keep your marriage fresh by discovering something new about your partner each day.
Marriage is made in Heaven but you have to do your own maintainence.

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