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Matrimonial Articles - Marriage Myth

Myth:marriage will end our loneliness.
Reality : Many married people are still very lonely.

Myth:We believe that being married makes us complete human beings.
Reality : A couple complements one another, not completes one another.

Myth:Marriage Is for Everyone.
Reality : There are a lot of unmarried people who are extremely happy.

Myth:Romance will always be alive in a good marriage.
Reality : Nearly all relationships experience peaks and valleys. The everyday problems and challenges of married life can often cloud over romantic feelings.

Myth:Marriage makes people happy.
Reality : We can't expect our spouse to be our one source of happiness. Our personal happiness must come from within ourselves.

Myth:We won't have major problems if we truly love one another.
Reality : A good marriage doesn't just happen. It takes nurturing and work.

Myth:My spouse should know my needs without my saying anything.
Reality : Just because we're married doesn't mean we can read minds. We have to tell our spouses what our needs are.

Myth:Conflict means a lack of love.
Reality : Conflict happens in every marriage. Fighting fair and for the relationship, and not just to "win" is healthy in a marriage.

Myth:People marry because they love each other.
Reality : There are many other reasons: ecstatic romanticism, wishes of parents and/or friends, loneliness, the desire for economic security, etc.

Myth: A good sex life is the best predictor of marital satisfaction.
Reality : There are many other extremely important factors: communication, problem solving, quality of leisure time together. These are all more significant n maintaining a good marriage than the sex life.


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