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Matrimonial Articles - Gender Difference
The Gender difference in marriage

More women listen with both ears, but the men favor the right ear for hearing.

Men and women perceive the world in different ways. Women have a double dose of the large "X" chromosome. Men have a single "X" and a short, stumpy "Y". Normal men also are affected by a larger level of testosterone (hormone).

In men the hypothalamus (small organ near the brain stem) is larger than in most women. When provoked, the hypothalamus heightens rage, thirst, hunger and desire; possibly explaining boys' more rambunctious behavior.

In most women, the corpus callosum is larger. This thick bundle of nerves allows the right half of the brain to communicate with the left. This may help explain women's intuition and ability to read emotional cues. There may be other areas where the woman's

Men tend to be far more upset by a lover's sexual infidelity than do women: just imagining their partner in bed with another man sends their heart rate soaring by almost five beats a minute.

Women react more strongly to the threat of emotional infidelity. What women fear most is the loss of their mates' long-term commitment and support.

Men see themselves more as separate individuals, achieving something; women more as persons whose identity is found in relational attachments.

Masculinity is at its best when men "enter their worlds with a humble but confident intention to do good". Femininity at its best when women "invite people into their worlds to experience the joys of relationships".

Man's five most basic needs in marriage:
Sexual fulfillment
Recreational companionship
An attractive spouse
Domestic support

Woman's five most basic needs in marriage:
Honesty and openness
Financial support
Family commitment

Men value power, competency, efficiency and achievement; looking to prove themselves, develop power and skills. More interested in "objects" and "things" rather than people and feelings.

Women value love, communication, beauty, relationships. Spend time supporting, nurturing

For men, the offer of help suggests he isn't competent, she doesn't trust him to do it himself. "For women, offering advice and construction is an act of love."

Men feel better solving problems. Women feel better talking about problems.

When men are under stress, they tend to want to be alone, to think about how they can solve their problem. When a women is stressed, she wants to talk it out; talking about the problems causes her to feel better.

Men need to know they are needed. Women need to know they are cherished.

Women express feelings, men communicate information.

Men need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement.

Women need caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance.

Men typically handle arguments with intimidation or become silent; women pretend there's no problem, or take all the responsibility for it.

Men think they score big points with big gifts; women score all gifts the same.

Women intuitively feel the needs of others and expect men to do the same.


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