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Marriage do's and dont's


Commitment- Commitment means putting your spouse's needs above your own. Marriages survive if priority and importance is given to the moods and needs of ones' spouse rather than oneself. It should come wholeheartedly and not out of force or any sort of compulsion.

Communication - By communication it doesn't mean just mere exchange of information between the duo. It is more than that. It's sharing feelings, hurts, joys and sorrows that come on the way. Communication is a skill that ought to be nurtured from the start of a marriage. A small amount of time should be reserved daily by the couple to exchange their ideas. A walk or a candle light dinner could meet this requirement. But men and women are different in communication aspects. Males find it hard to grow a conversation while women do not find a way out of this easily. Some sort of benchmark has to be set up between the two in this area.

Patience - This is a word that is fast disappearing from many of our personal dictionaries, thanks to the modern way of thought and living. Marriage needs more time and care to nurture and grow into a good yielding tree. Patience is a must for the long run ahead. It is very difficult to inculcate this habit but hanging in there usually makes the marriage work better.

Strong beliefs.- Couples with strong beliefs in their own personal religion are found to stay together than those without them. When the spiritual pursuits of both the man and the woman are identical then rifts and clashes wont last long.

Speak the truth- Truth is an important commodity in marriage. It is very hard to speak the truth but make it a point to practise it from day one. Else lie after lie seems to grow in the relationship and one day you will run out of gas. Sometimes it would be really hard enough to tell the truth. To your spouse but the long term benefits would be rewarding.

Confidentiality - Confide in your spouse rather than an opposite sex friend. Becoming emotionally intimate makes sexual unfaithfulness an easy step. Most affairs begin as an innocent friendship and would soon wreak the holy marriage.

Keep romance alive- Long-term marriage doesn't have to become dull and boring, but keeping romance alive takes a conscious effort. It's your choice to maintain the excitement and enchantment.

Dont's for a marriage

Do not rely solely on feelings and emotions instead turn to total comitment. Emotions wear out with age and time. It is not necessary that only highly emotive marriage shall last long. Usually they start with a bang and end up in smoke.

Don't be selfish- these days there are more number of takers than givers. Try to give as much as you can be it love, affection or monetary ones. When the giving the starts the coming in of more blessings and happiness starts.

Avoid gradual erosion in marriage - By talking regularly, setting mutual goals for your marriage, planning the future together, playing together, cultivating shared interests and fanning the flame of romance, slow erosion and corrosion of marriage can be controlled.

Be faithful - Don't let any other force interfere in your private and personal areas. It can be really a heartburn and cannot be avoided later on once it has established roots.

Do not find fault with the other- constant nagging and fault finding shall irritate one's partner.

Even if a fault has been located approach it in a friendly manner.

Mutual submission needed.


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